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306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587 Map it!


Open: Mon-Thur 10-6 pm,  Fri-Sat 10-8 pm,  Sun 1-5 pm

Southern Sass - Southern Sayings on Nice Tees For The Unique Southern Gift Print E-mail

Q. What is your product?

    T-shirts decorated with Southern sayings aren't something you find everywhere. Whether you're a native, a transplant or a tourist, a t-shirt bearing your favortie Southernism is a little bit of Carolina and the South to hold on to. The shirts provided through my booth come in an assortment of fun, eye-catching colors that brighten your day almost as much as the charming sayings screenprinted on the cloth.  My  product appeals to those looking for a gift that is original and personal, or just anyone who is interested in a tasteful display of Southern whimsy!

Q. Why did you choose to go into business?.

   I chose to go into business because I believe it's never too early to start developing the skills necessary to realize my ambitions as an entrepreneur.

Q.  Why did you choose The Cotton Company as your venue?.

    I chose to join The Cotton Company because I know they believe in their vendors and are firmly commited to promoting the products sold in the store. Also, it is in a very convienient location for me, being right between my school and my house here in Wake Forest, N.C.

Q. Describe how you choose what to buy and stock?.

    I order my products online so I have never traveled to make purchases, but I buy what jumps out at me and what I think my customers will appreciate.

Q.  What is unique about your business?.

    My theme is Southern Sass. I like everyone to know that Southerners are cute, fun, and vivacious people - a fact we like to advertise through our clothes!


306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC - 919-570-0087

Store Hours: Mon-Thurs 10-6pm, Fri-Sat 10-8pm, Sun 1-5pm