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      Paige Johnson, daughter of the owners of The Cotton Company, is the proprietor of Southern Sass.  Currently 16, Paige started her business as a 15 year old, having worked at The Cotton Company. Paige has had the entrepreneurial spirit most of her life beginning at age 11 when she ran her own hot dog cart aptly named, Paige's Place. She enjoys the products she sells here at The Cotton Company and below are her comments on why and how she does as she does.

Q. What is your product?

    T-shirts decorated with Southern sayings aren't something you find everywhere. Whether you're a native, a transplant or a tourist, a t-shirt bearing your favortie Southernism is a little bit of Carolina and the South to hold on to. The shirts provided through my booth come in an assortment of fun, eye-catching colors that brighten your day almost as much as the charming sayings screenprinted on the cloth.  My  product appeals to those looking for a gift that is original and personal, or just anyone who is interested in a tasteful display of Southern whimsy!

Q. Why did you choose to go into business?.

   I chose to go into business because I believe it's never too early to start developing the skills necessary to realize my ambitions as an entrepreneur.

Q.  Why did you choose The Cotton Company as your venue?.

    I chose to join The Cotton Company because I know they believe in their vendors and are firmly commited to promoting the products sold in the store. Also, it is in a very convienient location for me, being right between my school and my house here in Wake Forest, N.C.

Q. Describe how you choose what to buy and stock?.

    I order my products online so I have never traveled to make purchases, but I buy what jumps out at me and what I think my customers will appreciate.

Q.  What is unique about your business?.

    My theme is Southern Sass. I like everyone to know that Southerners are cute, fun, and vivacious people - a fact we like to advertise through our clothes!